2400.     ---------------.  [NATTA, G., AND STRADA, M.]  [Low-Temperature Production of Coal Gas by Using Oxygen.]  Giorn. chim. ind. applicata, vol. 14, 1932, pp. 76-86; British Chem. Abs., 1932, B, p. 407; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 3359.

        Coals with low volatile contents may be heated at 700-800 by using O2; the gases produced are rich in H2 and CO and very low in hydrocarbons and inert gases.  Gases suitable for the synthesis of MeOH, that is, having a ratio H2:CO of 1.5:4, may be obtained by burning 0.28 kg. C in 0.18 m.3 of O2 at about 750.