2392.     ---------------.  [NATTA, G., AND PASTONESI, G.]  [Kinetic Method for Determining the Equilibrium Constants in the Methanol Synthesis.]  Chimica e industria, vol. 20, 1938, p. 587-591; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 2023.

       With the equation of Newton and Dodge (abs. 2457) for calculating the equilibrium constant of a reaction as a basis, a method was devised for calculating the constant for the synthesis of MeOH using experimental data for the partial pressures involved.  Calculation is made assuming the synthesis to be a trimolecular reaction MeOH=CO+2H2; and also assuming bimolecular reactions in 2 stages with the intermediate formation of CH2O.  The latter assumption gives data that approximate experimental determination of the equilibrium constant more closely.