2386.     NATTA, G., AND CASAZZA, E.  [Activity of Catalysts Proposed for the Synthesis of Methanol and Their Chemical and Crystalline Structure.  II.]  Giorn. chim. ind. applicata., vol. 13, 1931, pp. 205-212; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 80.

        Coefficients of absorption of CO2, CO, and H2 by substances, which have been used as catalysts in the production of MeOH have been studied.  Pure ZnO (1), ZnO derived from smithsonites from various sources (2), reduced ZnCrO4 (3), Cr2O3 (4), 50 ZnO-1Co (5), 5ZnO-1Cu (6), 4 ZnO-1Al2O3 (7), and 5ZnO-1MgO (8) were all studied.  Those catalysts that absorb high amounts of H2 (4, 5, 6) are not efficient as they catalyze side reactions involving hydrogenation, while those showing high CO2 and CO absorption with low H2 absorption, that is, (2, 7), are most effective.  The absorption increases with increasing pressure up to 35-40 atm.  Above this the absorption curve becomes virtually horizontal, increasing pressure having practically no effect.