2382.     ---------------.  [NATIONAL PETROLEUM NEWS.]  Stanolind to Build 2 Plants to Make Chemicals From Gas.  Vol. 39, No. 34, 1947, p. 16; Chem. Eng. News, vol. 25, 1947, p. 2436.

        Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. will build chemical recovery and separation plants adjacent to each of the synthetic gasoline plants now under construction Carthage Hydrocol near Brownsville, Tex., and the Stanolind plant, Hugoton, Kans. to refine byproduct chemicals from them.  A contract has already been made with United States Industrial Chemicals, Inc., for the sale of water-soluble oxygenated hydrocarbon chemicals to be produced.  Furthermore, the latter will build its own plants at the 2 locations to manufacture an additional line of chemicals.  Each of the synthetic gasoline plants will produce around 100,000,000 lb. per yr. of water-soluble oxygenated hydrocarbons.  These chemicals consist mainly of straight-chain alcohols, aldehydes, acids, and ketones containing 2-4 C atoms per mol.  Stanolind has not yet completed its plans for refining and marketing the higher molecular weight alcohols, acids, aldehydes, and ketones containing 5-12 or more C atoms.  The chemical recovery and separation plants are expected to be completed in about 2 yr.  The cost of the plant is not given.  It is estimated that the chemicals from the 2 synthetic gasoline plants may exceed a total of 300,000,000 lb. per yr.  Commodities to be produced are listed.