2380.     ---------------.  [NATIONAL PETROLEUM NEWS.]  Synthetic Gasoline Plant Plans Studied by Stanolind Oil Co.  Vol. 38, No. 28, 1946, p. 48.

        Tentative plans are being studied by Stanolind Oil & Gas Co., to erect a synthetic gasoline plant, based on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons from CH4 on the Kansas side of the Hugoton field.  Plant will be designed to produce approximately 6,000 bbl. gasoline per day and 1,200-1,500 bbl. diesel fuel from about 60,000,000 cu. ft. of natural gas.  Actual construction date is uncertain.  Stanolind has been conducting research and pilot-plant investigation for several years at its Tulsa laboratory.  The process is not yet fully developed, and engineering designs are incomplete.