2375.     ---------------.  [NATIONAL PETROLEUM NEWS.]  Petroleum Substitutes.  Vol. 37, No. 36, 1945, p. R744; Business Week, July 21, 1945, p. 74.

        Hydrocarbon Research, Inc., announces that it will construct a commercial Synthine (Fischer-Tropsch) plant in East Texas.  The plant will have a capacity of 7,000 bbl. per day of finished products, 80-85% of which will be high-octane motor gasoline.  Production will be at the rate of 1 bbl. of oil per 1,000 cu. ft. of gas. The process, developed in the past 20 mo., has been sponsored by 3 oil producers the Magnolia Petroelum Co., the LaGloria Corp., and the J. S. Abercrombie Co.  The process is based on German laboratory research applied to American oil-industry techniques concerning plant design and construction and the use of cheaper catalysts.  The plant, it is said, will be constructed at a fraction of the cost of similar German plants and will produce a higher quality gasoline.