2372.     NATIONAL PETROLEUM NEWS.  Diesel Fuel From Fischer Process.  Vol. 31, 1939, No. 28, R, p. 296.

        Synthetic fuel for high-speed diesel engines is now being produced in Germany on a commercial scale, according to a recent report to the U. S. Department of Commerce from the American Consulate General, Frankfort-am-Main.  The process uses as raw material a mixture of tar oils produced in the coking of bituminous coal and so-called “Kogasin II,” a material produced from gasified coke or CO and H2.  The Rheinpreussen Coal Mining Co. established the 1st large-scale plant for producing this fuel.  The new fuel is handicapped by high cost.  For giving market protection to the new synthetic product, the German Government again raised the import duty upon foreign diesel oil by 20% to a total of 12 from RM 9.6 per 100 kg., involving an increase in market price of 10-12%.  Imports provide about 90% of Germany’s requirements for diesel oil.  These have increased considerably in recent years, being nearly 4 times as great in 1938 as in 1932.  Imports in 1938 were close to 10,800,000 bbl.