2357.     ---------------.  [NAKAI, A.]  Studies on the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.  III.  Studies on Liquid-Phase Synthesis With Iron Catalyst.  U. S. Naval Tech. Mission to Japan, X-38 (n)-7, Encl. (B) 19, 1946, pp. 183-186; PB 58,701.

        Investigations of a method for removing reaction heat from the synthesis apparatus by circulating the synthetic oil through the reaction system.  Experiments were made to determine the activity of Fe catalysts in the liquid-phase synthesis.  Various Fe catalysts were prepared by precipitation from nitrate mixtures with an excess of NaOH.  Fe-Cu catalysts, containing small amounts of alkali, had a strong synthesis activity at temperatures under 250.  A similar catalyst, but containing no alkali, showed a weaker activity for oil synthesis but strong hydrogenating power at 250-270.  the best catalyst for the liquid phase reaction appeared to be Fe:Cu:CaO=100:25:100-150.  the catalysts Fe:CaO=100:100-150 and Fe:Cu:CaO=100:25:100-150 could be made into very hard tablets suitable for liquid-phase synthesis at 260-270 and 10 kg. per cm.2 pressure.  The catalysts Fe:CaO=100:10 and Fe:Cu:CaO=100:25:10 had better activity than the above, but binders were required to make satisfactory tablets.

        NAKBAYASHI, T.  See abs. 1911, 1912.