2355.     NAKAI, A.  Studies on the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.  I.  Activation of Cobalt Catalyst by Hydrogenation.  U. S. Naval Tech. Mission to Japan, X-38(N)-7, Encl. (B) 19, 1946, pp. 171-178; PB 58,701.

        Experiments were made to determine the best conditions for activation of the standard Fischer-Tropsch Co catalyst (Co:MgO:ThO2:kieselguhr=100:8:3:200).  The apparatus, the procedure, and the catalyst preparation by precipitation are described, and the experimental results are tabulated.  The results disclose that activation by H2 gas is highly satisfactory for this catalyst under conditions of 375-380, at an optimum space velocity of 2,500-3,750 and a reduction time of 1 -2 hr.  A special apparatus and a method are described for determining the optimum degree of reduction.  It is shown from the above conditions that for the strongest catalytic activity the reduced Co catalyst contains not only about 50% of metallic Co but also lower oxides of Co.  It is also found that when the above catalyst is used for the synthesis of oil at normal pressure and 175-390, a gas contraction of 85% and a yield of more than 160 cc. of oil (specific gravity about 0.75) for each m.3 of water gas (H2:CO=2:1) are obtained.