2341.     MUNGEN, R., AND KRATZER, M. B.  Partial Combustion of Methane With Oxygen.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 43, 1951, pp. 2782-2787.

        Partial combustion of CH4 with O2 at 300 p.s.i.g. has been studied on a pilot-plant scale.  The independent variables given primary attention were the O2:C feed ratio, the preheat temperatures of the feed streams, and the space velocity.  The reaction is assumed to proceed in 2 steps a primary reaction when CO2 and H2O are the main products of the reaction of CH4 and O2 followed by reforming of CH4 with CO2 and H2O to CO and H2.  The reforming reaction appears to be the rate-controlling step in the process.  Equilibrium was not attained under the conditions employed.  The calculated final reaction temperatures ranged from 2,000-2,500 F.  The partial combustion of CH4 with O2 under assumed commercial conditions was shown to be a practical method of supplying feed gas to the hydrocarbon synthesis process.

        MURAKAMI, T.  See abs. 1483.