2336.     MÜLLER, E. R., AND KALLENBERG, S.  [Production of Petroleum Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen at Ordinary Pressure.]  Ing. Vetenskaps Akad. Handl., No. 106, 1930, 39 pp.; Brennstoff-Chem., vol. 12, 1931, p. 215; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 2302.

        Description of the application of the Fischer-Tropsch process.  Pine charcoal was gasified with steam giving 1 m.3 water gas from 300-400 gm. charcoal.  This was treated in an electrically heated converter consisting of an upright Cu cylinder with 7 catalyst tubes 20 x 300 mm.  Efficient catalysts were Co-Fe-Zn (2.5:1:2) and Co-Fe-Zn-Cu (2.5:1:1:1) precipitated from the nitrates with soda, washed with water, dried and reduced at 350° with H2.  In this apparatus, with 3,000 cc. of catalyst and a temperature 270°-290°, 800 l. of water gas produced in 21 hr. 55 gm. of liquid and solid hydrocarbons (70 gm. per m.3 water gas).  The benzine boiled 90% below 180°, the oil 70% below 250°.