2335a.     MULFORD, R. N. R., AND RUSSELL, W. W.  Catalytic Hydrogenation of the Oxides of Carbon to Higher Hydrocarbons.  Jour. Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 74, 1952, pp. 1,969-1,974.

          The effects of carbonate, chloride, sulfate, thiosulfate, and sulfide, added singly as K or Na salts prior to catalyst precipitation, upon Ce-promoted, Cu-containing Co catalysts in the synthesis of hydrocarbons from the oxides of C at atmospheric pressure have been studied.  All of these Co catalysts produced oil when the initial CO2-H2 mixture was first passed over a supported Fe, water gas catalyst, but with no water gas catalyst present only the Co catalysts containing K2CO3 or K2SO4 produced oil.  In general the effects of certain of these catalyst additives were to alter the distribution between liquid and gaseous synthesis products, to increase oil yields, and to shift the temperature range of maximum oil yields.  The effects of the additives are attributed to selective activation and/or beneficial poisoning of the Co catalysts.

        MÜLLER, A.  See abs. 3674.