2325a.     MORELL, C. E., CARLSON, C. S., MCATEER, J. H., ROBEY, R. F., AND SMITH, P. V.  Products From Hydrocarbon Synthesis.  Am. Chem. Soc., 121st Meeting Abs., March-April 1952, p. 19-I.

        Reaction of CO and H2 over promoted Fe catalysts produces a valuable mixture of hydrocarbons and oxygenated organic chemicals.  On a molal basis, CH4 is obtained in greatest yield with progressively lower yields of hydrocarbons of increasing molecular weights.  Yields of 2-C oxygenated compounds, including acetaldehyde.  Ethanol and acetic acid are greater than those of both higher and low number of C atoms.  Yields of higher molecular weight compounds decrease progressively with increasing molecular weight.  Approximately 10 wt. % oxygenated organic compounds is obtained in the H2O phase, including alcohols containing 1-5, aldehydes 2-5, ketones 3-6, esters 3-6, and acids 1-4 C atoms.  The alcohols are predominantly normal, primary alcohols, but up to 20 wt. % of the alcohols are secondary, tertiary, and branched chain primary alcohols.  For the separation and purification of these H2O-soluble chemicals, fractional distillation alone is not enough, but H2O extractive distillation or extractive distillation with polar and nonpolar type organic solvents can be used.  Caustic extraction and hydrogenation may be used to simplify the recovery problem.  Approximately 20 wt. % oxygenated organic compounds are obtained in the oil phase, including alcohols containing 1-14, aldehydes and ketones 2-14, acids 2-14 and esters 3-20 or more C atoms.  The molal yields of alcohols, carbonyls and acids are a maximum at 3.2 and 5 C atom compounds, respectively.  Alcohols have been isolated from narrow boiling fractions of synthesis oils by formation of nonvolatile esters with boric acid or phthalic anhydride.  Extraction with hot H2O removes acids and alcohols from the oil.  Room temperature extraction with aqueous MeOH is effective in removing oxygenated compounds of all types from synthesis oils.

        MORRELL, J. C.  See abs. 204, 776.