2325.     MOROZOV, N. M.  Kinetics of Sorption Processes of Hydrogen on Iron.  Trans. Faraday Soc., vol. 31, 1935, pp. 659-668; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 4233.

        In the temperature range 190-400, the sorption of H2 on pure Fe (reduced from precipitated Fe2O3) occurs as 3 types:  Van der Waals adsorption, activated adsorption, and activated diffusion.  In certain temperature ranges, it is possible to separate these processes and investigate the kinetics of each.  Heats of activation are approximately 20,000 kg.-cal. for activated adsorption and 8,000 kg.-cal. for activated diffusion.  Between 300 and 400, the activated adsorption is instantaneous and entirely reversible; this permits the calculation of heats of adsorption, which for 1.0, 1.25, and 1.50 cc. of H2 adsorbed on 24 gm. of Fe, are, respectively:  9,220, 6,820, and 6,140 cal. per mol.  Activated adsorption diminishes van der Waals adsorption, although under certain experimental conditions the absence of such relation was found.

        ----------.  See abs. 1653.