2324.     ---------------.  [MORLEY, R. J.]  Wintershall-Schmalfeldt Process for the Manufacture of Synthesis Gas at Lutzkendorf.  BIOS Final Rept. 1142, 1947, 33 pp., PB 78,242.

        Detailed description of the process with figures and flow sheets.  The process consists essentially of gasification of dry brown-coal dust in the entrained state.  The heat of reaction is supplied by burning producer gas in 1 of 2 generators, used alternatively, the heat being stored in checker brick and then given up to a mixture of recycled synthesis gas and steam.  Heat also had been supplied by burning O2 in the recycled gases.  The producer gas is made by gasifying dried brown-coal dust entrained in the recycled gas and steam, heated to over 1,000, while passing up and down 2 large generators in series.  The sensible heat in the final gases was used to dry and disintegrate the raw brown coal.  The process is now technically established, but dust losses are high, and synthesis gas contains organic S-ring compounds and gum-forming compounds deleterious to the Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, although not to the hydrogenation of oil and tar.  It is reported that active C had been used in the purification train to remove these undesirable impurities and with considerable success.  The plant is very large for the output, and capital costs are high, probably three times that of the Winkler plant.  In its present state of development, the process appears to be less economic than the Winkler process, operating under similar circumstances.  The operating cost per 1,000 m.3 of synthesis gas is calculated at RM 27.4 and RM 22.9, respectively.  Additional costs, which should be debited to the Schmalfeldt process, have to cover the cost of disposal of the large amounts of muddy effluent, that of the higher inert content of water gas (6% as against 3% in Winkler gas), and the extra purification if the gas is used for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

        ----------.  I. G. Farbenindustrie A.-G.  Works at Leuna.  III.  Methanol and Higher Alcohol Synthesis.  See abs. 1476.