2317.     ---------------.  [MORGAN, G. T., AND TAYLOR, R.]  Ethyl Alcohol, a Product of High-Pressure Synthesis.  Proc. Roy. Soc. (London), vol. 131, 1931, A, pp. 533-540; British Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 4521.

        Seven different catalysts, the composition of which is given, were found to give appreciable quantities of EtOH.  1 of these catalysts, prepared from Co nitrate and Zn permanganate with an addition of clay, contained after use:  ZnO, 7.9; MnO, 26.34; Co, 29.9; K2O, +Na2O, 7.4; SiO2, 8.8; Al2O3, 2.5; CaO, 0.4; Fe, 0.3; and C, 8.9%.  The gas mixture contained H2:CO::2:1.  The pressure was 200 atm. and temp. was 380-410 C.  In these circumstances, EtOH was found to account for 9.8% of the total CO converted.  Other products were:  Other alcohols, 25.5; acids, 7.4; acetaldehydes, 5.3; and CH4, 50.0%.