2315.     MORGAN, G. T., AND BONE, W. A.  Discussion on Catalytic Reactions at High Pressures.  Proc. Roy. Soc., London, vol. 127, A, 1930, pp. 240-267; British Chem. Abs., 1930, A, p. 867.

        Work on the NH3 synthesis and on the synthesis of MeOH from CO and H2 is briefly and historically reviewed.  The aldolization hypothesis, which accounts for the formation of higher aldehydes and alcohols in the latter synthesis, is discussed.  Work in the high pressure gas research laboratories at the Imperial College during the last 3 yr. is reviewed with special reference to the formation of formaldehyde, MeOH, and CH4 from CO and H2.  By selecting a suitable catalyst and temperature, any one of these 3 substances may be produced to the practical exclusion of the other 2.  The absence of satisfactory equilibrium data in regard to the MeOH synthesis previous to the present series of investigations is pointed out, and the extreme importance of determining the equilibrium constant by approaching the equilibrium from both sides is emphasized.  Discusses errors due to the fact that at the high pressures used the equilibrium mixtures do not obey the simple gas laws.