2308.     MOND, R. L., AND WALLIS, A. E.  Researches on the Metallic Carbonyls.  Jour. Chem. Soc., vol. 121, 1922, pp. 29-32; Chem. Abs., vol. 16, 1922, p. 2457.

        Composition of Mo carbonyl, redetermined by 2 methods, corresponds to Mo5(CO)26.  It is insoluble in the common solvents.  2 yr. were required to prepare 170 mg.  Ru gives 2 carbonyls, one volatile is crystalline and soluble in C6H6, and the other is nonvolatile, amorphous, and insoluble in C6H6, but soluble in C2H5OH and in H2O.  The formula of the latter appears to be Ru(CO)2.  Optimum conditions are described for the preparation of Fe(CO)5.  Ni(CO)4, air, and moist CO heated at 200 react to give a yellow deposit, which is shown to be a colloidal basic Ni carbonate of varying composition.

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