2302.     MOIGNARD, L. A. AND DENT, F. J.  Catalytic Synthesis of Methane for Town-Gas Manufacture.  Joint Research Comm., 49th Rept. Gas Research Board Pub. 20; Gas Times, vol. 47, 1946, No. 601, pp. 41-43; No. 603, pp. 40-42; No. 605, pp. 40-41.

        Report of investigation of methods is given for the control of the reaction involved in the catalytic synthesis of CH4 from H2 and CO so that the reaction can be carried out at relatively low temperatures and at the high space velocity necessary for gas manufacture.  The problems of C deposition and sintering were studied experimentally.  By increasing the rate of dissipation of heat and the proportions of alumina, the deposition of C is decreased and less sintering occurs.

        MOIGNARD, L. S.  See abs. 694.

        MOISE, J. E.  See abs. 2459.