2283.     MILLETT, H. C.  Lurgi Process for Complete Gasification of Coal With Oxygen Under Pressure.  Jour. Inst. Fuel, vol. 10, 1936, pp. 15-21; Chem. Abs., vol. 31, 1937, p. 3238.

        Large-scale experimental plant is described.  The generator consists of a cylindrical shaft with an effective cross-sectional area of 10.4 sq. ft. operating with a fuel bed 10 ft. deep.  With lignite, a daily output of 700,000 cu. ft. of gas was obtained.  With a mixture of steam and O2 under 20-30 atm. pressure, a gas comparable, after simple purification, with normal town’s gas was obtained.  It is possible to obtain by this process of high output of gas from a small plant.  The successful operation of the high-pressure gasification process is shown to depend on the obtaining of the correct balance between the rate of production of CH4 and the rate of gasification of coke in steam.

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                    MILLIGAN, W. O.  See abs. 3635, 3636.