2282.     ---------------.  [MILLER, B.]  Synthetic Liquid Fuels and the Manufactured-Gas Industry.  Gas Age, vol. 97, No. 4, 1946, pp. 19-21, 68.

        Discussion of means whereby the synthesis gas industry and the manufactured gas industry can be made complementary with the view of creating another source of city-gas production.  It is not thought that the production of synthetic liquid fuels from natural gas can be considered a permanent solution of the problem of supply if and when our petroleum is exhausted; only coal is available in enough quantity to offer a solution of the problem.  If the Fischer process is to be operated on coal economically, a process must be developed for production of synthesis gas from low-grade coals.  It is suggested that the gas industry supply the process and the equipment to carbonize low-grade coal for gas and char production and sell the char to the synthetic liquid-fuel industry for the manufacture of water gas and synthetic gasoline, turning back to the manufactured gas industry the residual liquid products from the refining of the synthetic gasoline to be used as carburetting material for city gas.  Continued research in the field of synthetic liquid fuels is almost certain to bring forth improvements that can be applied in the gas industry, and the latter can look with optimism upon such developments.

            MILLER, G. H.  See abs. 2993.