2270a.     ---------------.  [MICHEL, A.]  [Application of Thermomagnetic Analyses to the Study of Catalysts.]  Ind. chim. beige, vol. 17, 1952, pp. 643-651; Chem. Abs., vol. 47, 1953, p. 31.

          Relation between the thermomagnetic and catalytic properties of Fe, Ni and Co catalysts for Fischer hydrocarbon synthesis (CO+2 H2) was studied (a) for a variety of conditions of catalyst preparations and (b) with several catalyst promoters.  In general, good catalysts exhibited a distinct type of thermomagnetic curve.  However, this relation should not be unduly emphasized until more is known about other properties that are responsible for catalysis.

            ----------.  See abs. 209, 742a, 743, 1279, 2076.