2265.     ---------------.  [MICHAEL, W., AND EHRMANN, -----.]  Deposition of Finely Divided Catalysts on the Reactor Walls in the Foam Process, Jan. 5, 1944.  Bureau of Mines Transl. T-438, January 1948, 12 pp.

        Paper from Dr. Pierís files on high-pressure experiments, Leuna.  A peculiar phenomenon is observed in the foam process of hydrocarbon synthesis in the disappearance of the catalyst in the liquid phase and its deposition on the reactor walls, increasing from bottom to top.  It is undesirable in that it prevents the full performance of the catalyst and reduces the available reaction space.  It is thought to be due (and an analysis gives credence to the idea) to an increasing concentration of CO2 and steam in the upper part of the reactor and the formation of FeCO3.