2259.     ---------------.  [MICHAEL, -----.]  [Status to Date of Hydrocarbon Synthesis According to the Emulsion Method.]   TOM Reel 148, frames 235-241, May 18, 1942, 5 pp.

        Emulsion method using a 1.5 m.3 oven has not shown any technical difficulties.  There is no doubt that also in an industrial plant, using ovens of 40-50 m.3 capacity, the same results would be obtained.  The essential parts of the plant are shown.  Chamotte-stones are used as porous foam stones.  In using an oven 8 m. high, the correct pore diameter is 0.15 mm.  It has not been found whether the 8-m. oven is the right one to use, and tests are being extended.  A relation exists between the fineness of the foam and the yield and also between the fineness of the foam and the height of the oven.