2258.     ---------------.  [MICHAEL, -----.]  [Status of Experiments on Synthetic Oils.]  TOM Reel 148, frames 244-249, June 1, 1942, 5 pp.

        Experiments have been continued on the foam process with ovens of various capacities.  Intensive stirring was tried in place of the foam plates, but difficulty arose at the stuffing boxes of the stirring well so the tests were discontinued.  Details of the oven construction are given.  Describes catalyst, its suspension in oil, and its regeneration.  The conditions for operation of the ovens are:  20 atm. pressure, CO:H2=55:45, temperatures 250-280.  Foam plates containing sulfate must not be used.  Quartz and glass powder plates of 0.1 and 0.2 mm. pore diam. were used, but were found to be too sensitive to thermal expansion on a large scale.  Chamotte plates are preferred.