2255.     ---------------.  [MEYER, W. F.]  [Cobalt-Carbon System.]  Metallwirtschaft vol. 17, 1938, pp. 413-416; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 4866.

        When illuminating gas is heated with Co in the temperature range 230-470 the CO dissociates under the catalyzing effect of Co and a mixed crystal forms.  The crystal is attainable only between 230 and 270, when a diffusion equilibrium exists; above this range the outward diffusion of C is too rapid.  Between 500 and 1,200, Co also catalyzes CO dissociation and a mixed crystal forms.  Between 500 and 800, benzene as well as illuminating gas acts on Co to form a stable Co carbide, whose lattice structure corresponds to that of Fe3C; the lattice dimensions, to an accuracy of 0.5% are a=4.52 ., b=5.08 ., c=6.73 .  11 refs.

            ----------.  See abs. 1935.