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 1746.    KHITAROV, P. I.  [Study of Double Carbides of Manganese and Iron.]  Vsesoyuz. Nauch-Issledovatel. Inst. Metrol., Kratkiĭ Obzor Vazhneĭshikh Nauch.-Issledovatel. Rabot Lab., VNIIM, 1940, pp. 54-55; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 5075.

       By dissolving Fe-Mn of different compositions in dilute acids and salt solutions in the absence of air, it was possible to separate the double carbides corresponding by composition to xMn3C.yFe3C.  Data on chemical and X-ray analysis and phase diagram of Fe-Mn-C show that these carbides are solid solutions and not double carbides.  The carbides of Fe and Mn also form solid solutions in Fe-Mn.