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 1734.    ---------------.  [KEMMER, H.]  [Removal of Carbon Monoxide From City Gas.]  Angew. Chem., vol. 49, 1936, pp. 133-137; Chem. Abs., vol. 30, 1936, p. 3204.

        This is a description of a 2-stage process whereby a partial oxidation of the CO with steam over a Cr catalyst takes place, followed by a hydrogenation of the remaining 4-5% of CO to CH4.  This last reduction proceeds virtually quantitatively at 200-250 over a Ni-Th catalyst by utilizing the H2 formed in the first step.  The 2-stage process should not cost more than 0.5 pf. per m.3  To eliminate the existing difficulties of gas purification and to lower the working costs, it is proposed to combine the process with the synthetic production of fuel by the Fischer-Tropsch process.

       KEMPKENS, J.  See abs. 1988, 1989.