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 1733.    ---------------.  [KEMMER, H.]  [Gas Industry and German Motor-Fuel Economics.]  Gas- u. Wasserfach, vol. 77, 1934, pp. 877-883; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 1609.

                   German requirements for motor fuel are discussed, together with the need of greater and more efficient benzene recovery, and means of increasing benzene yield, as by suction of distillation products from the interior of the coal charge.  The relative advantages of the active C and wash-oil recovery processes for light oil are compared.  Other sources of motor fuel are low-temperature carbonization of brown and bituminous coal and motor-fuel synthesis by the Fischer process; the suitability of the process for gasworks use is discussed.  The use of compressed gas for motor fuel also is reviewed and costs are considered, as well as special equipment required for using gas with automotive equipment.