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 1731.    KEMMER, H.  [Removal of CO From Illuminating Gas.]  Gas- u. Wasserfach, vol. 72, 1929, pp. 744-751; Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 4799.

       Catalytic processes may be used, such as the hydrogenation of the CO by passing the gas over a catalyst composed of active C impregnated with Ni containing about 18% ThO2.  A CO:H2 ratio of 1:5 is required for quantitative conversion to CH4.  The Ni catalyst is strongly activated by the ThO2 so that the reaction temperature can be kept low.  The optimum temperature for CH4 formation lies between 180-190.  It is mentioned that with these catalysts in addition to CH4 quite small amounts of heavy hydrocarbons would be formed.