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 1730.    KELLING,    . [Production of Branched-Chain Gas Oils and Aviation Gasoline From Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Products.]  TOM Reel 138, Doc. 22 (no date), 28 pp.

       Comparison of the products obtained by subjecting Ruhrchemie Diesel oil to thermal cracking, Dubbs process, and to catalytic cracking, and an East Texas gas oil, 220-350, to catalytic cracking by the Houdry process.  A flow sheet is given of the Ruhrchemie catalytic cracking process based upon the recovery of the exothermic heat developed during the catalyst-regeneration period for supplying heat to the catalytic cracking converters during the endothermic cracking period.  The chief difficulty lies in regulating the amount of C deposited upon the fixed-bed catalyst during the endothermic cracking period.

      KELLY, R.  See abs. 53.