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 1720.    ---------------.  [KEITH, P. C.]  Expansion in Natural-Gas Synthesis.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 46, No. 31, 1947, p. 130.

        Abstract of a paper presented before the Petroleum Engineers’ Club of Dallas.  It is estimated that within the next decade 10 Hydrocol plants may be built to meet the anticipated demand for liquid fuels.  Natural gas, however, should not increase greatly in price as coal conversion, which lurks in the background, would automatically place a competitive limit to natural-gas prices.    The probable economic sequence of alternative future sources for petroleum products is outlined as follows:  (1) Gasoline from gas, now commercially feasible with Hydrocol plants under construction at Brownsville and Hugoton; (2) gasoline from coal, with a plant under construction at Pittsburgh; (3) oil from coal, an economic probability in 8-10 yr.  The relatively fixed market for chemical products of the type produced by the Hydrocol process incidentally, will increase the commercial success of the process.  Development of the method of producing cheap O2 is given recognition for the commercial success of the Hydrocol process.