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 1713.    APPEL, H., BÖHM, H., KEIL, W. AND SCHILLER, G.  [Fat From Fatty Acids With Odd Numbers of Carbon Atoms.  IV.]  Ztschr. Physiol. Chem., vol. 274, 1942, pp. 186-205; Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 6713.

       Growth and development of young male goats were the same when fed coconut oil or butterfat or a synthetic fat mixture (1) consisting of straight-chain odd- and even-numbered fatty acids.  After prolonged feeding the resorption of I was 79%, of coconut oil 91 and of butterfat 92%.  Body and depot fat of rats and goats fed saturated fats contained more than 60% saturated acids.  Feeding I containing C10-C23 fatty acids led to C12-C17 fatty acids in depot fat, and odd-numbered C-chain fatty acids amounted to 33% of the total depot fatty acids.  With I, C13 acids are the smallest to appear in depot fat, with coconut oil C12, and with butterfat C14.