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 1712.    KEIL, W.  [Fat From Fatty Acids With Odd Numbers of Carbon Atoms.  III.]  Ztschr. Physiol. Chem., vol. 274, 1942, pp. 175-185.  Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 5943.

        Ether-soluble acids were determined in the urine of dogs on basal diet supplemented with different kinds of natural fat.  0.1-0.4 gm. were recovered/100 gm. fat fed daily for 3 days.  Similar results were obtained with fats containing only odd number, straight-chain fatty acids.  Triglycerides of synthetic branched-chain fatty acids gave an increased Et2O-soluble fraction in the urine.  Et branched-chain fatty acids are inefficiently attacked in the body and are eliminated, whereas 2-, 3- and 5-methyldodecanoic acids are not excreted significantly.  A number of branched-chain fatty acids were synthesized.