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 1711.    APPEL, H., BERGER, G., BÖHM, H., KEIL, W. AND SCHILLER, G.  [Fats From Fat Acids With Uneven Numbers of Carbon Atoms.  II.]  Ztschr. Physiol. Chem., vol. 266, 1940, pp. 158-173; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 2582.

       Cacao butterfat acids were reduced to the alcohols, converted to bromides with HBr and these to nitriles with CaCN and these hydrolyzed to fat acids with uneven numbers of C atoms.  These, as well as the original fat acids, were resynthesized to “uneven” cacao fat and “even” cacao fat and compared with natural cacao fat and with each other.  The synthetic fats were completely hydrogenated.  The fats were fed at 5, 10 and 20% levels to rats.  No significant differences in body weight, deposition of fat, residual fats after starvation, their I numbers, extent of resorption or dicarboxylic aciduria were observed.  The resorption of the 3 fats is virtually equal in man.