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 1708.    KEHDE, H., FAIRFIELD, R. G., FRANK, J. C., AND ZAHNSTECHER, L. W.  Ethylene Recovery.  Commercial Hypersorption Operation.  Chem. Eng. Progress, vol. 44, No. 8, 1948, pp. 575-582; Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 8149.

       Describes hypersorption process for the continuous separation of gases by selective adsorption on a moving bed of activated C; also operation and performance of the first full-scale commercial hypersorber built for the Dow Chemical Co. to recover small concentrations of C2H4 from a H2-CH4 stream at 75 p.s.i.g.  From a feed gas containing 4.5-6.0 vol. % C2H4, a C2H4 product is obtained of 92-93% purity and 0.1% maximum CH4 contamination.  The H2-CH4 overhead stream contains less than 0.1% C2H4.