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 1701.    ---------------.  [KAWAKITA, K.]  Chemisorption of Carbon Dioxide by Reduced Iron.  Effect of the Chemisorption on van der Waals’ Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide at 0°.  Proc. Imper. Acad. (Tokyo), vol. 12, 1936, pp. 61-63; Chem. Abs., vol. 30, 1936, p. 7008.

       Van der Waals’ isotherms for the adsorption of CO2 by reduced Fe at 0° are reproducible, equilibrium being attained within 1 min.  The effect of the previous treatment of the reduced Fe (previous cycles, temperature of evacuation) and the pressure (0-20 cm. Hg) on the adsorption of CO2 are shown graphically.