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 1694.    KAWAI, S. AND NOBORI, H.  Manufacture of Fatty Acids by the Oxidation of Paraffin.  XXI.  Oxidation of High-Boiling Fractions of Paraffin (Suppl.),  Jour. Soc. Chem. Ind. (Japan), vol. 46, 1943, pp. 764-765; Chem. Abs., vol. 43, 1949, p. 9030.

       High-boiling fraction of shale-oil paraffin, melting 47.6 and I value 9.2, was oxidized by air, 2 l./min./50 gm. at 150.  The acid value did not increase after 10 hours.  the formation of oxidized acids and lower acids occurred some time after the high-boiling fraction of paraffin was oxidized.