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Literature Abstracts

 1679.    KAUFMANN, H. P.  Effecting Separation by Adsorption in the Field of Fats.  I.  Experiments With Mixtures of Fatty Acids.  Fette u. Seifen, vol. 46, 1939, pp. 268-273; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 6073.

       On passing solutions containing 2 or more fatty acids through columns of adsorptive materials, for example, Al2O3 or silica gel, certain fatty acids are more strongly adsorbed; this makes possible a partial, or under suitable conditions, a complete separation.  Applications of such adsorption methods being developed include:  Analysis of fatty acid mixtures, isolation of naturally occurring, sensitive fatty acids and commercial processing of fatty acid mixtures to isolate more valuable fractions.

       KAULAKIS, A. F.  See abs. 2347.

       KAUPP, E.  See abs. 805, 806.

       KAVERIN, I. B.  See abs. 1806.