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Literature Abstracts

 1677a.    KASTENS, M. L., HIRST, L. L., AND DRESSLER, R. G.  An American Fischer-Tropsch Plant.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 44, 1952, p. 450-466.

         Gives construction and operation details of the gas synthesis demonstration plant at Louisiana, Missouri.  Pulverized coal is gasified with steam and oxygen to produce a synthesis gas which reacts in an agitating bed catalytic reactor cooled by concurrent flow of heavy oil.  Capacity of the plant is 50-80 bbl. per day of liquid products with a conversion efficiency of about 80%.  The hydrocarbon products consist of 70% gasoline, 10% Diesel oil, 10% heavy distillate, and 10% waxes.  Oxygenated compounds made up about 10% of the total product.  The following subjects are discussed:  Gasification, slagging type vertical gasifier, the Koppers horizontal gasifier and the Kerpely generator; gas purification; Linde-Frankl oxygen plant; gas synthesis; Fe catalyst production; operating performance; materials of construction; possibilities of pressure gasification; and utility requirements.

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         KATAYAMA, I., MURATA, Y., KOIDE, H., AND TSUNEOKA, S.  Benzine Synthesis From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen at Ordinary Pressure.  XLI.  Activation of Catalysts by Slow Oxidation With Atmospheric Oxygen.  See abs. 1877.

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