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 1674.    KASE, T.  Equilibrium Diagram of the Iron-Carbon-Nickel System.  Sci. Repts. T˘hoku Imp. Univ., vol. 14, 1925, pp. 173-217; Chem. Abs., vol. 20, 1926, p. 570.

        Thermal and magnetic analyses, hardness tests, and microscopic examinations are reported for the Fe-Ni system, and the binary equilibrium diagram is concluded to be of the solid-solution type.  The A3 change falls steadily with increasing Ni content down to ľ190░ at 35% Ni and occurs in a temperature interval rather than at a point.  Ni dissolves C up to 0.55%, forming a eutectic with C at 1318░ and 2.22% C.  Ni3C is very unstable and cannot be detected with the microscope.  The ternary diagram was worked out and is described and illustrated by a sketch of a model.  Photomicrographs of typical structures also are shown.  For etching specimens with over 25% Ni either strong HNO3 or hot Hcl was used.  No ternary eutectic was found.  A binary eutectic contains 4.3% C with no Ni and decreasing C down to 0.3% with increasing Ni up to 30%.  Cementite occurs in the ternary alloys with 0 to about 30% Ni, with over 0.1% C.  With increasing Ni, the A1 transformation is lowered and is difficult to detect with over 10% Ni, but is almost independent of the C content.  With increasing Ni, the A2 and A3 points are rapidly lowered, and the C content at the eutectoid point decreases down to 0.3% at about 35% Ni.  6 plates of curves accompany this paper.