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 1673.    KARZHEV, V. I., AND SEVER’YANOVA, M. G.  [Catalytic Cracking of the Synthin Fraction.]  Khim. Tverdogo Topliva, vol. 9, 1938, pp. 71-76; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 9436.

        Synthin fractions boiling at 80°-150°, 150°-200°, and 200°-250° were introduced from burettes by drops into a quartz tube placed in an electric furnace.  The catalysts were placed in the tube in a 25-cm. layer in that portion of the tube that had a constant temperature.  The product was passed through with a constant velocity of 5 m.3/hr.  The temperature of experiments was varied within the range 475°-550°.  The following catalysts were used:  Cr-Cu-P, H3PO4, activated coal as a carrier, Cr-Cu and Cr prepared by special method (not disclosed) the best being the last catalyst.  The catalytic cracking of various fractions of synthin over the above catalyst at 475°-525° at atmospheric pressure yielded about 85-90% of liquid products and 10-15% of gaseous products.  The practical formation of coke was not observed.  The composition of the products obtained justifies the assumption that they have a high octane number.

       KASAI, K.  See abs. 1904.