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 1671.    KARSHAVIN, V. A., BOGUSLAVSKI, I. M., AND SMIRNOVA, Z. M.  [Catalyst for Methane Conversion.]  Jour. Chem. Ind. (U.S.S.R.), vol. 10, No. 8, pp. 31-40, 1933; U>O>P> Co. Survey Foreign Petroleum Literature Transl. S-394-A; British Chem. Abs., 1934, B, p. 82.

        Process of conversion of CH4-H2O mixtures into CO and H2 is best catalyzed by fireclay containing 6.4% of reduced Ni at 1,000.  The activity of the catalyst is increased by up to 1% MgO and diminished by more than 1% MgO.  Loss of Ni as Ni(CO)4 and inactivation by formation of carbide are virtually negligible.  H2S and organic S compounds, initially, slightly depress the activity, which then remains constant.  Deposition of soot takes place to an extent, increasing with the content of higher hydrocarbons in the mixture.