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 1658.    KAMURA, H.  Reduction of Ferric Oxide and Iron Ores by Hydrogen.  Jour. Iron Steel Inst., vol. 112, II, 1925, pp. 279-298; Chem. Abs., vol. 19, 1925, p. 3451.

        Samples of pure Fe2O3 and of hematite were heated to 500-800 in a combustion tube, and H2 was passed over them, the volume of gas used and the % of reduction to Fe being recorded at definite time intervals.  At 500 the time required for 90% reduction of the hematite was 78 min.; at 600, 46 min.; at 700, 39 min.; and at 800, 30 min.  The volume of H2 used also decreased with rise of temperature.  At about 570 the velocity of reduction increased rapidly and the volume of H2 decreased suddenly, probably because reduction below this temperature was from Fe3O4 to Fe and above it from Fe3O4 to FeO and FeO to Fe.  As velocity of reduction increases slowly above 600, this would be the most economical reduction temperature.