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 1655.    KAISER WILHELM INSTITUT FÜR KOHLENFORSCHUNG.  [Report of the Middle-Pressure Synthesis With Iron.]  June 1940, 75 pp.; OTS Bib. Tech. Rept., vol. 12, No. 6, 1949, p. 228; PB 98,743.

        Survey is made of work carried out on the middle-pressure synthesis with Fe catalysts.  Precipitation, alkalization, induction, synthesis-gas production, apparatus, pelleting of catalyst, and further processing of primary products are discussed.  This report appears to be the same as H. Pichler, TOM Reel 49, frames 541-662, June 1940, Bureau of Mines Transl. T-424, December 1947, and TOM Reel 101, first 48 pp., trans. by M. Leva.