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 1653.    KAGAN, M. Y., MOROZOV, N. M., AND PODUROVSKAYA, O. M.  [Sorptive Properties of Mixed Catalysts.  I.  Sorption of Ammonia on Synthetic-Ammonia Catalysts in Connection with the Function of Promoters.]  Jour. Phys. Chem. (U.S.S.R.), vol. 8, 1936, pp. 677-688; Chem. Abs., vol. 31, 1937, p. 2078.

        Pure Al2O3 has a high adsorptive capacity for NH3 up to 600-700, with a heat of adsorption of 30 cal. per mol. for 2 cm.3 per gm. Al2O3, or 18 cal. for 6 cm.3 per gm. of Al2O3.  In the adsorption layer at 500, NH3 breaks up into H and a surface-bound radical.  Addition of K2O to the Al2O3 decreases the sorptive capacity and the heat of adsorption to about 2/3.  Fe additions also decrease adsorption to about 1/3, with smaller effect at higher temperatures.

       KAGAN, Y. B.  See abs. 152, 152a.

       KAGONOVA, E. M.  See abs. 2714.