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 1652.    KAGAN, G. B., AND LITVIN, M. Z.  [Gasification of Low-Grade Fuels with a Steam-Oxygen Mixture Under Pressure.]  Khim. Tverdogo Topliva, vol. 8, 1937, pp. 1155-1165; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 4309.

        Lurgi process for gasification of Aleksandrliskii brown coal, peat, and anthracite was investigated.  The steam-O2 mixture should contain 75% steam for brown coal and peat and 85-90% for anthracite.  A gas of calorific value 4,500 cal. per m.3 can be obtained.  The cracking of tar formed in the low temperature carbonization zone affected the composition of the gas.  The gas with highest calorific value was obtained in the gasification of bituminous fuel.  The fuel containing ash up to 30% and moisture 25-30% can be used for the gasification.  12 refs.