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 1648a.    JUZA, R., AND PUFF, H. [Crystal Structure of Cobalt Carbide.]  Naturwissenschaften, vol. 38, 1951, pp. 331-332; Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 2,870.

         Co2C crystallizes in the rhombic system; a=2.885, b=4.454, c=4.360 A; 2 CO2C in the unit cell, d, =7.76; space group D 214h; 4 Co in 4 cOy with y=0.158.  The structure is a rhombically deformed dense hexagonal packing.  Close agreement with these results is obtained by recalculation of data of Hofer and Peebles (abs. 1440).