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 1648.    JUNGERS, J. C., AND COUSSEMANT, F.  [Effect of Adsorption on the Course of Catalytic Reaction.]  Jour. Chim. Phys., vol. 47, 1950, pp. 139-144; Chem. Abs., vol. 44, 1950, p. 10,441.

       Kinetics of gas-phase and liquid-phase catalytic reactions are interpreted in terms of the relative adsorptions of reactants and products.  Reactions discussed include the hydrogenation of CO and CO2 to CH4 over Ni (abs. 2153, 2460), of C6H6 to cyclohexane in the presence of CO2 (abs. 2461), of acetone to isopropyl alcohol; C2H2 to C2H4 (abs. 695), and the dehydrogenation of a secondary alcohol to a ketone (abs. 3398).  The hydrogenation of PhOH to cyclohexanol takes place through the intermediate formation of cyclohexanone.  A quantitative evaluation of the adsorption coefficients and the several reaction velocity constants is made.  Similarly, the hydrogenation of naphthalene to decahydronaphthalene takes place through the formation of 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydronaphthalene.  Intermediates in the hydrogenation of C6H6 to cyclohexane are not detected.  The possible use of C2H2, CO2, or other compounds as acceptors for H2 in dehydrogenation catalysis is discussed.

       JÜNGLING, K.  See abs. 207.

       JUSTICE, J. L.  See abs. 3240.

       JUZA, R.  See abs. 1948, 2483.