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 1647.    JULIARD, A., RAYET, R., AND LUDE, A.  Kinetic Study of the Dissociation of Carbon Monoxide Accompanying the Reduction of Metallic Oxides.  Disc., Faraday Soc., 1948, No. 4, pp. 193-196; British ABs., 1950, B, I, p. 415.

       Kinetics of the reduction of NiO and Fe2O3 by CO have been examined by simultaneously measuring, as functions of time, the rates of oxide reduction and of CO dissociation.  Absolutely pure Ni does not catalyze CO dissociation.  Ni charged with H2 catalyzes the dissociation probably on account of C nuclei formed by reduction of CO by traces of active H adsorbed on Ni crystallites.  In the Fe system the Boudouard reaction does not occur under conditions unfavorable to the formation of metallic Fe.  CO dissociation apparently requires the presence of an interfacelike Ni or NiO or Fe-Fe3C or the prior formation of C nuclei.

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